Community Development Training Institute (CDTI) Tengeru was established in 1963 with the aim of developing and promoting
capacities of the people to manage their development processes; building and strengthening capacities of various actors in the field of Community Development, and improving the delivery systems of extension workers. It started advanced diploma in Community Development (ADCD) in 1981, a course program that was formally taught at the then Institute of Development Management (IDM) Mzumbe.

In 1997 the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) was established among other things to oversee the running of Non-University higher learning institutions in the country. Following this development, CDTI-Tengeru was required to undergo major transformational changes in order to meet NACTE standards and requirements for accreditation of technical Institutions.

Improvement of the CDTI-Tengeru management structure was among the important changes that the institute needed to undergo before it started offering the three Advanced Diploma programs, namely Community Development; Gender and Development; and Project Planning and management in 2003. This was a basic step towards the Accreditation by the NACTE.

Recently CDTI-Tengeru has been granted a Full Accreditation by the NACTE, a status which has granted the Institute the capacity to offer degree programs. Currently the Institute offers at least three degree programs Bachelors Degree in Community Development (BCD-CD), Bachelors Degree in Gender and Development (BCD-GD) and Bachelors Degree in Projects Planning and Management (BCD-PPM) to which the first graduation ceremony for under graduate was held in 2011 where a total of 91 students graduated in different field that is to include BCD-CD, BCD-GD and BCD-PPM.

The Institute introduced Post Graduate Diploma programs, one is a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Development which started in 2012 and the other is a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship of which is soon to start. The duration of both programmes is one year comprised of two semesters, covering sixteen (16) weeks; examination dates inclusive. The course begins on 15th October of every year.