Post Graduate in Community development

Course Objectives, Training methods and strategies. General Course Objectives
  • The overall objective for this course is to provide students with an advanced understanding of the knowledge, skills, models and practices in the field of Community Development, thus preparing them to work more effectively and to increase their employability and professional standing.
  • To enhance students’ analytical and evaluative abilities with regard to the social cultural and economic context in which community development takes place.
Teaching and Learning Strategies

(a) Teaching Methods
  • Teaching methods and strategies shall be designed to develop skills by linking theory and practice in a variety of critical, reflective, challenging and stimulating ways.
  • On top of the above methods, guest speakers (practitioners) shall be invited from time to time whenever there is need to give lectures on topics of interest as a way of linking theory and practice.
(b) Learning Strategies
  • The learning process shall seek to capitalize upon the different experiences students bring with them.
  • Adult learning principles and methods shall be utilized to promote self-responsibility and critical analysis by facilitating personal choice, participation in discussions and evaluative learning.
  • Field trips to enhance practical learning shall be encouraged.
General Learning Outcomes
  • Upon completion of the course students shall be able to apply advanced community development skills and practices with more confidence and professionalism when assisting communities.
  • They can undertake critical evaluation of community development approaches and practices at all levels.
The Targeted Candidates

Candidates for this course shall include but not limited to the following;

  • NGO staff
  • Staff from Government Ministries, departments and agencies.
  • Technical staff from religious institutions.
  • Private employers for example, banks and other financial institutions
  • Trainers from various institutions.

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