The initial stages of the Institute’s operations in 1960’s was focused to offer orientation programmes to extension staff to have skills necessary for catalysing communities actions. Simultaneously, the Institute started to offer more formal training for the award of Certificate in community development and later in the early 1980’s began to offer advanced diploma programme.
The Institute became an institution of higher learning in 1995.  Accordingly, the certificate programme was phased out and the Institute focused on offering Advanced Diploma programmes. This was done in order to produce more community development experts with advanced skills to facilitate community development activities. It started by offering Advanced Diploma in Community Development, thereafter expanded to two more programmes in 2003:  Gender and Development and Participatory Project Planning and Management. As a vertical progression the Institute phased out advanced diploma courses and introduced degree programmes in 2008 and thereafter Post graduate diploma in 2012. However, The Certificate and Diploma programmes were reintroduced in 2015.


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